Monday, June 14, 2010

Entry 4: Wake Up Call America: 2010 June 4

Wakeup call to America: Instead of being hypnotized by your government propaganda about China as a place where no human rights exist, factory workers are under-age, the one child policy, Olympics cheaters sending athletes who do not qualify because of age, communism, no religious freedom, etc. all this B.S is of no consequence.

While Americans are standing around shaking their Christian moral sticks at each other and other countries, (within their fake democracy, as if the two party system really represents anything other than one big bureaucracy), the Chinese people are being much better represented by their government which isn’t focused on meeting their monthly budget or trying to win votes for the next election but thinking about future generations. China is only second to the U.S now in publishing researcher papers, and with an output rate that ballooned from 20,000 papers in 1998 to 112,000 in 2008, China will easily outpace America by the end of this decade (the U.S increase in papers was a paltry one, at a quarter output rate). At least some American institutions recognize this importance – if only for their own future survival, Harvard college has opened up a satellite office and Business school in Shanghai. The Chinese government makes decisions in hours that are bigger than policy changes America has not seen since the building of the Hoover Dam. Our ineffective system has a strangle hold on itself where any attempt at a decision only tightens the noose . The people here in China don’t’ feel threatened and they shouldn’t. In many ways, they have more rights than Americans.

America unknowingly equate rights (or the word they love most, freedom) with buying power. We each have the “right” to consume resources at the rate of 12 other humans on the planet. When one is provided an environment to explore his identity without being told how things are or should be that is freedom and the only freedom worth anything. In this respect, where is “the land of the free” without counter institutions such as Lao Tze, promotion of mind-numbing media/ drugs (nicotine, sugar, alcohol), restriction of enlightening (psychoactive) drugs promotion of religions that at root encourage individual isolation, and thus heightening sexual frustration and criminalizing prostitution, except for the wealthy.

The Chinese government is not bogged down by religious morality that possibly could only appeal to the reason of a backwater, uneducated and malnourished slave 2000 years ago. Last time I was in Asia it was the Clinton sex scandal that was at the top of the American news and now, it is Tiger Woods. This sort of media wouldn’t even turn a head in Asia since there is no pretense here to live up to in human or fake virtues. (Asia can’t believe America makes a big deal over sex, primates have been banging each other in the canopy for millions of years. And who are we to admonish Chinese with bumper stickers pasted all over our cars to “free Tibet” when we did the same thing to our native peoples to make way for “progress.” Don’t’ get me wrong, I favor no government but to say one is better because it is called a democracy and one is bad because it is called communism is B.S. We can only hope in a few decades that the Chinese will either pity us or will want to invest in America as a retirement place to escape their degraded environment. The best thing we could have done for the planet was to help the Chinese build nuclear power plants on every street corner twenty years ago.

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